• For all your accomplishments plastic, think ASTRA !


    With 14 employees and a presence on the plastics market since 1993 (originally as a sole proprietorship, and as an SPRL limited-liability company since 1999), ASTRA Services specialises in plastics construction, particularly for water treatment applications.

    The products we offer are manufactured and assembled in our shops (more than 1000 m²). From the 2 L/hour metering unit to the 6-m³ polyelectrolyte dilution station all the way to demineralisation at 50 m³/hour, all aspects  are examined for optimisation and innovation.

    For water treatment, the company has developed on-site services for various connections, the installation of storage tanks up to 35 m³, the coating of metal or concrete tanks, the assembly of PVC honeycombs with ultrasonic welding and the installation of degassers and ventilation circuits.

    Because customers regularly ask for complete solutions, ASTRA Services works in partnership with metal manufacturers (including stainless steel), electricians, building contractors and various suppliers of electromechanical equipment (pumps, motors, metering devices, etc.). The customer has just one contact person, who deals with the specialists in each area.

    Use of word-of-mouth as the only form of advertising  and the creation of a small, flexible structure enable ASTRA Services to offer relatively inexpensive yet adaptable services. Why not talk to some customers in order to find out more ?

    Astra Services

    Astra Services
    Rue Nazareth 14
    4651 Battice, Belgium

    Tél : +32 (0) 87 46 86 46
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